Results from World Masters Indoor Track and Field Meet Kamloops 3/5/2010

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We just returned from the World Masters Indoor Track and Field meet in Kamloops, BC.

Here are the summary results for our family:

Chuck clearing 1.1 meters in high jump

  • Chuck placed 6th in the long jump, 4th in the high jump, , on the second place 4×200 team, and 2nd in the pole vault at 6’3″
  • I placed 5th in the pole vault, clearing 10’3″.  Over half of the vaulters in my division didn’t show, apparently because of injuries.  I think at our age the desire to train hard and do our best heights can interfere with the marathon of doing this many times.  My dad and I decided we are in for the long haul (I say as I nurse a slightly sore hamstring).

The pole vault had some drama around a new world record being set by John Altendorf in the 60-64 category.

You can see pole vault information on the blog, with some pictures and video.

It was a joy to talk to people from many different countries.  A number of  people were from the US or Canada with foreign citizenship.  I sat by one woman who was cheering for a Mexican runner, so I naturally assumed she was from Mexico.  It turned out she was from Bolivia, showing support for Latin American athletes.  She was married to a great runner from the US.  There was a Colombian there, but we never met him/her. 

The Brazilian athletes were having a fundraiser, so we bought singlets and stuff bags for each of us to help finances for the Brazilian team.

We had a regular cheering section over by the pole vault area to watch the vault, triple jump, and long jump.  I always like to watch the older athletes.  It is like you can draw an ever decreasing volume box around them, as they stay within themselves and are less flexible the older they get.  Some are amazing in how fast and flexible they are.  Others hobble down the runway and barely make it onto the pole and into the pit, but it inspires one to see the energy and excitement they put into it.

We camped at Silver Sage RV park on the Thompson River.  We had swans and Canada geese right in front of us on the river.  I have a shot of them at

We went up the Coquihalla from Hope to Kamloops.  The roads were labelled bare, but we had snow and a little slush at the summit.  We drove in snow country for hours (no toll!).  I decided to come back on lower terrain, since we were in the RV.  Kamloops rained heavily when we went up, but began to clear after about a day.  We came back the Frazer Canyon.  The Coquihalla is fast, but the Frazer is spectacular — what amazing canyons and rapids.

All in all, another great trip.  We arrived safely, had great fun in the sports, doing about what we should based on our training, met people from all around the world, and came home safely, though tired.

The volunteers at Kamloops were wonderful and deserve our thanks.

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Pole Vaulting to the World Masters

by on Feb.12, 2010, under Pole Vault, Sports

This blog will track our progress to the World Indoor Masters meet and beyond.

My father, Chuck, and I are going to the World Indoor Masters meet in Kamloops in the beginning of March.  My father is participating in the pole vault, high jump, and long jump.  I will be participating in the pole vault.

We have a pole vaulting pit in the backyard here in Sequim and spend about 30 minutes a day working on our skills.  We need more skills, no question about it!

My father is trying to get more consistent in the take-off and inversion.  I’m trying to dramatically improve my ability to go vertical (I’m pretty flat right now).  I saw a video on Bubba Sparks site that gave me some great ideas and I’ve been reading the “From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too!” book.  One thing I’ve been experimenting with is using a softer pole and getting the feel of the bend and trying to get better about going vertical coming off the bend.  Not enough time before the meet in the dead of winter, but I’m making a little progress (I hope!).

My father is making almost 6 feet consistently and I’m clearing over 9 feet pretty consistently with the soft pole.  Doesn’t sound like much, but we’ve set the standards back farther than usual and are usually doing this with street clothes and a short run up (you do what you can when you’re dodging rainstorms).  Someday we’ll be actually able to vault on poles that fit our weight and height of vaulting, but right now we make do with what we have, as do most masters vaulters.

I’m trying to find a high bar on which I can practice the takeoff drills.  I’m trying to keep my left leg back and somewhat straight and to learn to hold the pop up.  Bubba’s advice is to keep the body on the runway side of the pole, so I’m trying that also.  An awful lot to remember in about 1 second of travel.

2/27/2010 — My dad took me on a run the other day, indicating it would be about 5 miles.  It turned out we ran 8.85 miles, 2 of them up STEEP!  I didn’t vault for a couple of days until my muscles returned to somewhat normal.  We vaulted today in mostly street clothes — I’m around 10 feet regularly, but not really clearing it easily.  I’m concerned that at the meet if I get a good spring I won’t be used to it.  Still, I expect to clear at least 10 and am hoping for more.  I’m working on having a strong left arm.  My dad is right around 6 feet in our practice conditions, so I think he’ll be easily over that in the meet.


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